Provisional Requirements


Enrollment in the Provisional Class for 2016-2017 is open now.  Please be sure to review the outlined membership requirements below to ensure that you maximize the benefits and experience you can expect as a Provisional Member.

Provisional Member Investment/Training Opportunities 2016/2017


    • Junior League of Evansville and Association of Junior League’s Int.’l Dues: $133.00
    • Provisional Training Fee: $20.00
    • Attendance at Provisional Retreat:
      • One Saturday in August 2016 to be scheduled by Provisional Development Committee
    • Provisional Group/Class Meetings:
      • Six meetings September – November & January – April

    II. Meeting Opportunity

    • Choose from the listed opportunities to reach a total of 6pts.
      • General Membership Meetings (1pt each)
        • 3pts of your meeting opportunity must come from attending General Membership meetings
        • General Membership meetings are held on the third Tuesday evening of each month, August-November, January-May.
      • Mini Meetings (1pt each)
        • Only 2 total points may come from mini-meetings
      • Junior League of Evansville Training Days (1pt each)

    Mini-Meetings and Training Days will be established by the Junior League of Evansville and will be ear marked on the official Junior League of Evansville Calendar. Each date will count as 1 point regardless of time frame.

    III. Community Opportunity

    • Volunteer for a total of 6hrs of community service through the Junior League of Evansville in the following activities
      • 4hrs of “Done In a Day” (DIAD) volunteer activities, as listed on the Junior League of Evansville calendar throughout the league year
      • 2hrs of Community Issue Based volunteer activities.  JLE committee will have several projects throughout the year that a member may choose from
    Community Issue Base projects will be projects that are set by the Junior League of Evansville under the three categories of Nutrition, Teen-Issues and Volunteerism. Project dates will be ear marked on the official Junior League of Evansville Calendar as Community Issue Base Hours.
  • IV. Fundraising Opportunity

    • Provisional Members commit to 4hrs of volunteer activity during JLE’s primary fundraiser known as the Rockin’ River City Ride
    • Provisional Members commit to the purchase of 2 cookbooks (Junior League of Evansville’s “Once Upon A Time”) and $110.00 worth of fundraising assets produced by the Junior League of Evansville allocated in the following fashion for personal participation, or ideally for re-sale.
      • Rockin’ River City Ride
        • $50 in Rockin River City Ride or Run Registration and/or tickets
      • Fundraising Investment/Marketing/Advocacy Training
        • $60.00 in ticket purchases for resale; Provisional Members may choose from any of the following events to reach the required amount
          • Fall Into Fashion
          • Santa’s Workshop
          • Rockin’ River City Ride and/or additional Cookbooks

    Throughout the year, there will be make-up opportunities for Provisional Members who are unable to fulfill certain meeting and volunteer training opportunities due to scheduling conflicts. These issues should be discussed with your Provisional group leader in order to ensure that you are substantially fulfilling the training opportunities as stated. Provisionals will also be given optional opportunities throughout the year to volunteer in other areas, perhaps for other non-profit organizations, as we are made aware of these needs.